The Notorious

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The Notorious

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Conor McGregor

True fans of the “fight game” (as Conor McGregor often refers to his sport of mixed martial arts) are not only familiar with his extraordinary persona but they have a deep and visceral appreciation for his fighting style. Conor McGregor has not only propelled the sport of mixed martial arts to one of the world’s greatest spectacles, but he has also dominated the sport in a way we haven’t seen since the rise of Muhammad Ali.

Graced with intellect, humor, bravado and otherworldly fighting skills, The Notorious has continually and courageously put himself out on a limb and followed through with great success. Some call him arrogant and disrespectful but we recognize him as a master in marketing himself and promoting his fights. His often witty and confident interviews have yielded some of the largest, if not the largest pay-per-view numbers in UFC history to date.

Conor McGregor is the first person in UFC history to become a champion in two weight divisions (featherweight and lightweight). This was no small feat and a milestone achieved from years of unbearable pain and dedication that most of us could not imagine enduring. If you have the pleasure of watching one of his fights, you will witness a superior athlete with speed, precision, and accuracy that is nothing short of beautiful. All of us here at Mustache and Whiskey refers to Conor McGregor as poetry in motion because of his fascinating and elegant fighting style.

Born in Crumlin, Ireland, a rough working-class suburb of Dublin, Conor McGregor was instilled with the desire to supersede the average human being. Some see a man with extreme confidence for all that he has achieved and we certainly agree. But what has impressed us the most is his honor and respect for his opponents in both victory and defeat. We definitely consider him the greatest mixed martial artist of all time to date and his career is far from over – we hope.

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