Venero Whiskey Glass

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Venero Whiskey Glass

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Venero Crystal Whiskey Glass

We find Venero Whiskey Glasses very intriguing because they craft their crystal glasses without the use of lead.  Obviously this is a very important health factor and the number one reason we chose to feature this particular company.  Venero is a small, family owned and operated company in London, England.  They offer a lifetime warranty on all of their products and apparently, they also care deeply about their customers.  Their business mantra is “quality, quality, quality” and it certainly shows.   These whiskey glasses are fantastic and beautifully represented in a luxurious box.  Venero Whiskey Glasses make the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys a cocktail from time time.  They are thick and have some weight to them and we are particularly impressed with the quality of crystal.  They feel wonderful in your hand and the design is so unique and elegant.   We highly recommend Venero London and if you would like to see more of their products, please visit:  

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