Vintage Gear

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Vintage Gear

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John Woodbridge and Sons

John Woodbridge and Sons Makers, LTD out of Paris, France make some of the world’s finest, vintage inspired sporting gear. Their line of products features American footballs and baseballs, European footballs, boxing gloves and punching bags, medicine balls, basketballs that are beautiful replications from the early 1900’s. We are especially enamored with their boxing equipment. We purchased their vintage 1920’s inspired punching bag and speed bag and have been thoroughly impressed with the handcrafted quality and beautiful aesthetics of their designs. Even when we are not hitting the bags (which are second to none in performance), they add an elegant, nostalgic vibe to our workout room. We also purchased one of their European footballs and it has been especially interesting for my son who is so curious about history. John Woodbridge and Sons products are expensive yet reasonable when considering the quality and attention to detail that they manifest. Their customer service and expedience has been very impressive and we highly recommend this company. See their entire line of beautiful products at

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